Why Book a Cruise Holiday?

A holiday is every man’s delight. Leaving the mad rush and worries of the day to day life, every person looks forward to the relaxing time spent during the holiday. It is not always you get a break from the daily boredom of life. So, when you do, make sure that you make it a great one. You will be assured of one such awesome experience when you book your holiday package with Star Cruise. A cruise holiday is a great way to unwind and relax. A holiday package with Star Cruise will give you exactly this opportunity to make memories for a lifetime. Read on to find out what a cruise package with Star Cruise has in store for you.

Mingle With Travellers across the World

A cruise holiday with Star Cruise gets you in touch with travellers from all over the world. Your luxury liner is a mini world with travellers from all across the world. You can have a lovely time mixing with them and getting first-hand information on the various cultures of the world. But if you prefer solitude, you can always be on your own. There is no dearth of solitary spaces where you can be with yourself and enjoy the beauty of the blue sea.

A Relaxing Holiday

Whenever you book a holiday package covering several destinations, it involves hectic travel, packing and unpacking from one destination to the other and lots of stress in the process. A cruise holiday ensures that you do not face any stress during the days of your travel. You unpack your bags only once but you wake up to a different travel destination every morning. The travel is smooth and relaxing in five-star luxury and comfort.

Unlimited Fun

Have fun while you travel when you have booked a Star Cruise package. You do not have to sit anymore in a rigid and fixed position while travelling from one destination to another. Lounge on the deck, enjoy a cooling drink, workout at the gym, play games, shop to your heart’s content and do much more while travelling from one destination to another when you have booked your cruise package with Star Cruise. There is no moment of boredom when you are on board the luxury liners of Star Cruise.

Easy Booking

Booking these wonderful holiday packages was never easier. You can book a Star Cruise package with the click of a button. You simply need to log on to the website of MyDreamHoliday and book the favourite cruise holiday of your choice. We are Asia’s only cruise OTA offering the lowest fares on cruise packages. A Singapore cruise booked through our website starts at only INR 15000 per person. You get all these amazing features and more when Star Cruise is your travelling companion. You will get real time prices once you log on to our website. We have more than 3000 satisfied customers who can vouch for the quality of service that we offer. We provide instant confirmation with every booking; so you are always reassured about your money. You can also read up reviews and ratings from cruisers to get an idea of what your cruise holiday has in store.

So, do not wait any further. Simply click here to book your Star Cruise package today.


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