Superstar Gemini – The Cruisers’ Choice

Vacation time is fun time. And when you go on a trip which is packed with unlimited activity and joy, it is the best that life has to offer you. You must be wondering, which holiday package to book to get a taste of this awesome travelling experience. Book a cruise package and have the experience of a lifetime. A cruise holiday with Star Cruise is such an experience. When you book a Star Cruise package, you will have chosen to travel to some of the most exotic destinations across Asia. If you have chosen to sail from Singapore and visit the beautiful places in Malaysia, you must book your cruise package on board Superstar Gemini. Cruisers who have already booked their cruise package with us, at MyDreamHoliday; have also given Star Cruise Gemini review for you, the future cruisers.

The Relaxed Traveller

If relaxation is on your wish list, then Superstar Gemini is where you should be. Cruisers who have taken a cruise holiday with Superstar Gemini have been all praise for the great time that they have had on board this luxury liner. Travellers have reported that cruising takes away all the tedium of a journey during a holiday. Forget about the lengthy and tiring road trips or the cramped air travel. On board Superstar Gemini means you will be having a relaxed time on the deck of the ship, enjoy a refreshing drink by the poolside and simply soak in the pleasure of the surroundings. Travellers have said that booking a cruise holiday on board Superstar Gemini ensures that you do not have any time frame to adhere to, no rush and no hurry.

The Explorer

Superstar Gemini takes you to the picturesque Malaysian destinations of Malacca, Pulao Redang, Pulao Tioman, Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur. If you are an explorer and wish to travel to the different places as a part of your holiday package, you can opt for the shore excursions that are arranged for the cruisers. Our satisfied customers have been liberal with their praise of the arrangement of these shore excursions where they have been taken to all the major places of interest.

The Shopaholic

Travelling is not just about visiting places. You also want to carry home memories of the holiday that you have enjoyed. Shopping is an integral part of travel. Our travellers who had booked a cruise package with Superstar Gemini, one of the best luxury liners of Star Cruise, have been overwhelmed by the shopping experience at Canopus Watches and Jewellery, Ports O’ Call and Tea Corner, where they have been able to shop for watches, jewellery, tea products and souvenirs. Even without leaving the ship, you can shop for great products when you book your cruise package with Star Cruise.

Kids’ Paradise

When we said that a Star Cruise package is complete relaxation and peace of mind, we really meant it. Parents have been able to put their kids in the Child Care Centre and felt the freedom of a holiday because they knew their children were safe and enjoying in their own way.

We know that you must be eager to get your holiday package booked right now. We, at MyDreamHoliday have brought for exclusive deals at the lowest prices.


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