Why Should You Book A Star Cruise Holiday?

Going on a holiday is one of the happiest events that we all look forward to. It is the time for fun frolic and happiness. But booking a holiday package can be a very difficult affair. You have to make sure that everybody is contented, the prices are competitive and the facilities that you get are also worth the cost. Considered from every point of view, booking a cruise holiday with Star Cruise can be one of the best holidays that you can gift your family and loved ones. You might be wondering what a Star Cruise package has to offer you; you will be amazed at the wonders a cruise package with Star Cruise has in store for you.

The Facilities

Once you board your Star Cruise luxury liner to start your cruise holiday, you get to explore the magical world that a Star Cruise package has to offer. The luxury liners which you have booked in your cruise package are floating luxury parks. These have everything for you ranging from superb accommodation, world cuisine, unlimited entertainment and much more. Once you are on board your liner, you can get the best facilities that you can ever dream of. Travellers of all ages and all tastes will find delight in the galaxy of activities that are offered on board any Star Cruise liner.

The Tourist’s Delight

You can book your Star Cruise package on any one of the six luxury liners; Superstar Virgo, Superstar Gemini, Superstar Libra, Superstar Aquarius, Superstar Pisces and The Taipan. These ships take you across some of the most exotic tourist destinations of Asia. Travel across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, Vietnam and much more when you book your holiday package with Star Cruise. The places that you can visit during your cruise holiday are every tourist’s delight. You can choose to undertake shore excursions to explore the places that your cruise package covers.

The Expense

You may be wondering that these holiday packages will be expensive. In fact, it is a common myth that a cruise package will burn a hole in your pocket. But that is a misconception if you are booking a Star Cruise package. A cruise from Singapore starts from an amazing price of INR 15000 per person. Considering the facilities and enjoyment that you have on offer, this is an unbelievable price. There are several Star Cruise package options that you can choose from depending upon the number of days you are willing to spend and the destinations of your choice.

The Satisfaction

Along with all these the most important thing about your cruise holiday with Star Cruise is the complete satisfaction and peace of mind that you will get on board the ships. The hospitality of the crew members will surely touch the chords of your heart. At Star Cruise your cruise package includes a lot of love and concern that no amount of money can buy. The ship becomes your second home during the days of your holiday and fun.

Star Cruise means happiness for one and all. You must be yearning to go on a cruise holiday with Star Cruise. You do not need to wait any more; simply click here and book your Star Cruise package today.


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