Book Ideal Cruise Packages Online at Affordable Rate

Cruise holiday is ideal option for those who want to spend quality time with their family members and loved ones. With cruising, you can explore untouched beauties and a number of tourist destinations.

You just need to book cruise packages online which are offered by reputed online travel portals like My Dream Holiday to you at highly competitive price.

Selecting Ideal Cruise for Your Family

A cruise vacation offers a range of options to the passengers which include expedition style cruising, ocean cruising, river cruising etc. There are a number of cruises which come with different sizes and shapes which are equipped with several amenities.

The designs and interiors of cruise ships are elegantly designed by the designers that are enough to catch the eyeballs of the travelers. As per your desire, you can select ideal cruise to make your vacation notable.

Experiencing Cruise Amenities  

During your journey, you can enjoy the charm and elegance of the ship and love to see stretched sea and delight amazing sound of the water etc. Cruise offers array of cabins that are beautifully decorated with all modern amenities.

Besides, you may also experience other on-board services such as dining, spa, fitness, laundry and dry cleaning.

Cruise includes several benefits which are mentioned below in brief.

Providing Great Value

Cruise packages include numerous components such as food, accommodation daytime or evening entertainment and transportation. If you are planning for cruise vacation, you can avail all these services in a hassle-free way.

Exploring Many Destinations

Cruising is ideal way to find outstanding attractions of the destinations. You can get the details of itineraries which are mentioned in your cruise packages.

Enjoying the Flavors of Multi Cuisines

You and your loved ones can enjoy the flavor of international cuisines, sea foods etc. These delicacies are made under the supervision of experienced chefs. Apart from this, you can enjoy vast varieties of desserts too.

Relaxing in Well-Designed Cabins

Cruise provides spacious suites, capacious wardrobes, widescreen satellite TV screens, liveried butler services and other amenities to the travelers.


Enjoy Your Dream Holiday with Star Cruises

Cruise travelling is one of the amazing experiences where you can enjoy travelling in the middle of extended sea.  It is just like a dream come true for most of the people.  If you are also planning for cruise travel to Singapore or Malaysia then Star Cruise line is one of the best options for you. It is one of the renowned cruise lines which have wide range of cruises like Star Virgo, Star Gemini and many more. They have set a benchmark in the cruise industry by providing excellent set of luxury and customer satisfactory services.

At Star Cruises they pay special attention on the comfort level of the passengers therefore they offer lavish and styles cabin where travellers can enjoy the five star hotel stay with their family or loved ones. Different varieties of delicious cuisines and drinks are also offered to the passengers. When it comes to entertainment, star cruises leave no unturned in this segment. They have arranged varieties of activities and entertainment features on their cruises which keep the travellers engaged and entertaining during their whole trip. If you want to get more information about star cruise services then you can read the travellers’ reviews about star cruise services or directly call their customer care center.

Book Your Cruise Travel Online

Are you planning to go for cruise travelling with your family but facing problem in its booking?  If yes, then you don’t need to worry anymore because online booking system is here to solve your problems.  With the help reliable online system you can book your cruise ticket yourself without taking help of any agent. It allows you to check the wide range of cruise lines with all the details so that you can easily plan your holiday without any hassle. Here we have discussed some benefits that you can enjoy with online cruise booking system.

Benefits of Booking Cruise Tickets Online

  • With the help of online booking system you can easily book your ticket from anywhere anytime.
  • It is open for 24 X7 as a result travellers can access the site according to their convenience and plan for their cruise travel.
  • At online portals you can see different packages and tour plans of various cruise lines under one roof. In this way you can compare the tour package of differ cruise lines and get a best deal for your trip.
  • They offer easy and safe transaction process so that travellers do their payment safely without any hassles. Once you will make your payment automatic confirmation mail will be sent on your Id.

However, you have to choose the reliable online portal like which is well-known for its outstanding cruise booking facilities.

Enjoy Your Dream Holidays at Star Cruise Gemini

Cruise travelling is always a fascinating and lavish journey for anyone.  Due to the increasing craze of cruise travel, many cruise lines have introduced attractive cruise packages for travellers. If you are also one of those who are dreaming to go for cruise journey then check out the exciting price deals provided by different cruises lines and book the best one to make your dream vacation a reality.

Star Cruise Gemini is one of the renowned cruises of Star Cruise line which has set a benchmark in serving outstanding amenities and customer services.  Star Cruise Gemini is a well-designed ship which comprises of glamorous color schemes and decorations. Apart from this, travellers can enjoy the bunch of amenities at Star Cruise Gemini which are discussed below:

Onboard Facilities at Star Cruise Gemini

  • Luxurious Accommodation

At star cruises, you will enjoy your journey in the assortments of full comfort and luxury. They offer exclusive range of well-appointed staterooms and suites with balcony. The suite occupants are allowed priority check-in where special guest service staff will entertain them and send their luggage directly to the cabin. The cabins are beautifully designed with amazing color combination of gold and green in floral design pattern.

  • Fantastic Dining

When it comes to food, you can relish the taste of delicious food varieties in your cruise trip. The fine dining restaurants are available at the cruise with ample of seating area so that all the guests can easily accommodate without any hassles.

  • Entertainment

If you think that you will miss out your night life in cruise travel then you are totally wrong. At cruise they understand their guest’s requirement and offer wide spectrum of entertainment facility which will never make you feel bored during the trip. The entertainment facilities include discotheques, karaoke, video games, deck games, card rooms and much more.

  • Special Facilities for Children

If you are going for cruise trip with your kids then star cruises are the perfect option for you. At star cruise they provide exciting range of amenities and activities for kids that keep them occupied and entertained. Moreover you can avail the facility of baby sitting at very nominal price.

  • Recreation

If you are possessive about your workout and fitness regime then you have the option of availing various recreational activities that includes gym, basketball, Jacuzzi, sauna and pool to keep you relaxed and active.

If you have decided to go for cruise vacation then book your tickets today through reliable online portal. By booking online you can save your time and money by getting attractive deal package for the trip.

Book Cruise Ticket to Enjoy Mind-Blowing Vacation

There is no doubt that cruise holiday comprises of its own fun, excitement and adventurous experience. It is considered as an expensive and luxurious vacation where you can enjoy most exciting and memorable moment of your life.  Whether you are planning to go with your family, spouse, friends or for honeymoon, you can easily avail the attractive cruise packages and have fun in the middle of infinite expanded sea water. At cruise you will relish the benefits of various activities, delicious food and luxurious stay in the sea.

Choose Online Portal for Cruise Booking

Online portals are one of the best options which allow you to book your cruise tickets easily while sitting at your home. On their website you can check different discounts packages provided by the varied cruise lines and easily book your tickets at most affordable price. MyDreamHoliday is also one such reputed online portal which has been engaged in providing cruise booking services so that travellers can easily plan their holiday in a convenient way.

Why to Choose My Dream Holiday?

  • Provide fast and simple way of booking cruise vacations
  • They have good experience in this industry and satisfied more than 1000 travelers by providing excellent service since their inception
  • Make sure to offer hassle free and easy booking service
  • Provide safe and secure transaction system
  • Allows to book wide range of cruise lines with attractive packages and discount rate is a trustworthy portal which has been introduced with the aim of helping travellers and people to plan their dream holiday in an efficient and easy manner. It is not only beneficial to give all the cruise vacation information at one place but also helps in planning it within your budget. So, without any delay book your Cruise Packages and enjoy incredible fun with your loved ones.

Why Pick a Cruise For Your Next Summer Holiday?

Have you planned your next holiday? Not yet? Don’t worry; we’ll help you in deciding how you can make your coming vacation memorable. This time go for a lavish way to experience something amazing in your life. How about cruise? It’s the best way to explore the beauties of a vast sea while spending quality time with your loved ones. Star Virgo Cruise from Singapore is one of the best gems in cruising line of Star Cruise and in this you can discover several destinations in only one go.

If you are still not convinced with our statement or explanation about cruise holidays, don’t miss out the points mentioned below that might change your mind.

Star Virgo Cruise: Best Place to Enjoy Your Summer Vacations

  • You Don’t Have to Think About Your Entertainment

A cruise is a kind of huge floating entertainment park in which you can participate in several activities, like surfing, skating or basketball. If we say that you can also pursue your hobby, which you may have neglected due to some reason, what will be your reaction? Surprising isn’t it? Its right, you can carry your passion of photography, astronomy or cooking ahead in this cruise and that too in the guidance of professionals.

  • What can be better than Experiencing New Destinations in One Trip?

Luxurious trip and sailing from a country to another definitely sounds interesting. You will forever cherish your cruise experience as Star Cruise offers astonishing services and that too in your budget. You can choose your travel plan according to your desire and affordability. Cruise fulfils your desire to travel in different countries and the exciting thing is that you just have to make one travel plan to do so.

  • Holidaying With Family – Doubles the Enjoyment

We are not saying that you can’t travel alone, but travelling with your loved ones always provides better experience. Cruise is not only for couples or for a single individual, it is for every one. And if you are thinking about your kids’ reaction, don’t do so as your kids will surely love your idea of cruising because they’ll not get a single minute out from different adventurous activities and scrumptious food.

  • Worth for Money

Who doesn’t like to get best deals under their planned budget? Without any doubt everyone will love to do so. An array of mouthwatering cuisines, five star quality of accommodation and a number of different ways to enhance your entertainment quotient are enough to make you realize whatever you have spent is worth the money.

Book your cruise package now and have fun!

Star Cruise Virgo: Best Way to Explore Beautiful Destinations

Nowadays, cruises are the first choice for holidaying and that’s the reason why you can find many cruise lines at your service. But if you want to experience different cultures, stunning beaches and breathtaking views, you must go for Star Cruise Virgo. With its various luxurious services and enriching onboard programs, this cruise is gaining popularity over others. You will get everything from spectacular fleet to different cuisines and many other services.

Come Aboard to Experience what Makes Star Cruise Virgo Most Popular Cruise Among Others

Experiencing world through sea is something that you must do once in your life. Live music complemented by dancers is just something you don’t want to miss, especially when it is in the middle of the sea. You will be cruising to colorful and amazing places that will surely spellbound you. Destination experts of Star Cruise Virgo Cruise will offer great understanding of the places where you’ll visit next. And don’t forget about the delicious bevy cuisines that you’ll get here freshly prepared by professional chefs. You’ll surely get the exceptional dining experiences

Main Attractions of Star Cruise Virgo

Its 13 bars and restaurants will make your dining experience memorable. Outdoor swimming pool, four Jacuzzi, sauna, Japanese plunge bath, locker rooms, mega waterslide, golf driving range, mini golf, basketball court, jogging circuit, steam, sun-bathing, jet current exercise pool, gymnasium and observation deck are there to increase your entertainment quotient.

Open-style karaoke lounge, Show lounge with entertainment and activities will engage you throughout your stay. And when it comes to pampering yourself, you can easily try something different as you will find a hairdressing and beauty salon here. You can also go for foot massage which will surely refresh your mood. When it comes to experience some fun activities the management organizes different deck games and also gives gifts to the winner.

If you have never been to any cruise, then we are sure after knowing all the luxurious services you’ll surely make your mind to spend your next holiday on cruise. Now, you must be thinking about booking your next vacation in Star Cruise Virgo. offers best packages in cruise vacations and can make your cruising unforgettable for you. With this online travel portal you can get best Star Cruise Virgo rates over its other competitive sites. Just pack your bags and leave everything on

4 Reasons to Choose a Cruise Package for an Exotic Holiday

Are you considering a cruise for your vacation? For rejoicing a number of benefits and luxurious amenities you must go for it. Here, we are outlining some reasons that will surely convince you that a cruise can offer you a perfect vacation.

Reasons to Choose a Cruise for a Perfect Vacation

  1. Great Value for your Hard-earned Money

Fares you’ll pay for your vacation on cruise include everything, like deluxe accommodation, a wide array of cuisines from all over the world and unlimited entertainment. Most of the cruises, such as Superstar Virgo Cruise, offer 5 star hotel services under your budget; they even offer you discounted rates and if you’ll book your trip through a reliable online travel portal you will get attractive discounts too.

  1. Spend Some Quality time with your Entire Family

Cruises are for just anyone, from grandparents, adults, teens and kids. Cruises offer a number of entertainment activities for you, your kids as well as for your parents. If you are in the mood to pamper yourself you can relax your sense in in-house spa or reading book in a beautiful lounge will be a perfect place for a peaceful environment. Not only this, here you can pursue your hobbies also, like computer classes, dance workshops, learn different languages, do yoga and a lot more is there for you to do and explore. You can also experience the live music performance and song-and-dance shows on the cruise itself.

  1. Don’t Bother about your Heavy Luggage

While cruising, you just have to pack your luggage once and don’t have to lug your suitcase along in every place. Your floating hotel will take you from city to city without creating any chaos with other transportations. Just choose a place and see everything there and know about its culture. If you are planning cruising in Singapore, be ready to explore one of the best places in Asia. Superstar Virgo Cruise from Singapore will make you experience different cultures, enjoy the fun of shopping in most popular shopping joints and don’t forget to relish the delicious cuisines.

  1. Easy to Plan Cruise Vacation

Cruise makes your vacation comfortable by eliminating the hassles of finding the best packages of transportation and accommodations. Just find a cruise, decide your cabin and that’s it. You don’t have to search any hotel or coordinate with any travel agency, cruising is the best way to skip all the extra planning for your trip. Visit any reliable online travel portal and get the package as per your convenience and budget.

Plan your exotic vacation in Superstar Virgo Cruise Singapore with (Asia’s only cruise OTA) and don’t think about anything else. Providing You Luxurious Amenities While Traveling

Want to make your holiday unforgettable? Wish to have a unique way to make your holidays memorable, and nothing is better than spending your coming vacation on cruise. These days, everyone is going crazy for cruise vacations because of the luxurious amenities and amazing sea travelling experience. Turn your dream of availing luxury services of a cruise by booking the cruise vacation for yourself. We are sure that a cruise voyage will undeniably offer you a unique and wonderful experience over other modes of travelling.

Choose Best Cruise to Get Lots of Alluring Amenities

Star Cruises from Singapore are best cruises to enjoy the luxurious stay and relaxing ambience in the middle of the sea. It offers a wide array of luxurious services, like swimming pool, theatre, food choices of different continents, casino, bars and other exclusive collection of alluring facilities. Don’t forget the lavish accommodation just like five star hotels that they offer you. So, now if you really wish to travel on a cruise, find a reliable online travel portal and book your trip now.

Why Online Travel Portal to Book Your Lavish Vacation?

The first thing that comes in mind while choosing an online travel portal is to make your entire process simple, easy and hassle-free. We offer you the easiest method to book your cruise trip. It’s the most trustworthy online travel portal that delivers exceptional and exciting packages on your cruise bookings. If you wish to know more about them, exploring their website will be great idea. It works to offer best services to its clients by offering safe and secure payments while booking your awaited dream trip.

Why to Choose

  • For transparent, safe and secure payment transaction modes
  • For simple and easy booking procedure
  • Offer best packages with more than 1200 renowned cruise brands
  • Customer oriented services
  • Offer packages at affordable prices to your favorite destination
  • Confirm you instantly about your cruise booking

This reputed online portal does every bit to make your holiday planning an overwhelming experience for you. Here, with you have a chance to search different cruises that come under your budget with exciting features. You can also checkout reviews of the company to know about it clearly and in this way you’ll get the clear picture about it.

Go for the cruise that serves all your needs in terms of entertainment as well as all other needs while travelling. And yes, don’t forget to consider your budget.

Why Book a Cruise Holiday?

A holiday is every man’s delight. Leaving the mad rush and worries of the day to day life, every person looks forward to the relaxing time spent during the holiday. It is not always you get a break from the daily boredom of life. So, when you do, make sure that you make it a great one. You will be assured of one such awesome experience when you book your holiday package with Star Cruise. A cruise holiday is a great way to unwind and relax. A holiday package with Star Cruise will give you exactly this opportunity to make memories for a lifetime. Read on to find out what a cruise package with Star Cruise has in store for you.

Mingle With Travellers across the World

A cruise holiday with Star Cruise gets you in touch with travellers from all over the world. Your luxury liner is a mini world with travellers from all across the world. You can have a lovely time mixing with them and getting first-hand information on the various cultures of the world. But if you prefer solitude, you can always be on your own. There is no dearth of solitary spaces where you can be with yourself and enjoy the beauty of the blue sea.

A Relaxing Holiday

Whenever you book a holiday package covering several destinations, it involves hectic travel, packing and unpacking from one destination to the other and lots of stress in the process. A cruise holiday ensures that you do not face any stress during the days of your travel. You unpack your bags only once but you wake up to a different travel destination every morning. The travel is smooth and relaxing in five-star luxury and comfort.

Unlimited Fun

Have fun while you travel when you have booked a Star Cruise package. You do not have to sit anymore in a rigid and fixed position while travelling from one destination to another. Lounge on the deck, enjoy a cooling drink, workout at the gym, play games, shop to your heart’s content and do much more while travelling from one destination to another when you have booked your cruise package with Star Cruise. There is no moment of boredom when you are on board the luxury liners of Star Cruise.

Easy Booking

Booking these wonderful holiday packages was never easier. You can book a Star Cruise package with the click of a button. You simply need to log on to the website of MyDreamHoliday and book the favourite cruise holiday of your choice. We are Asia’s only cruise OTA offering the lowest fares on cruise packages. A Singapore cruise booked through our website starts at only INR 15000 per person. You get all these amazing features and more when Star Cruise is your travelling companion. You will get real time prices once you log on to our website. We have more than 3000 satisfied customers who can vouch for the quality of service that we offer. We provide instant confirmation with every booking; so you are always reassured about your money. You can also read up reviews and ratings from cruisers to get an idea of what your cruise holiday has in store.

So, do not wait any further. Simply click here to book your Star Cruise package today.

Superstar Gemini – The Cruisers’ Choice

Vacation time is fun time. And when you go on a trip which is packed with unlimited activity and joy, it is the best that life has to offer you. You must be wondering, which holiday package to book to get a taste of this awesome travelling experience. Book a cruise package and have the experience of a lifetime. A cruise holiday with Star Cruise is such an experience. When you book a Star Cruise package, you will have chosen to travel to some of the most exotic destinations across Asia. If you have chosen to sail from Singapore and visit the beautiful places in Malaysia, you must book your cruise package on board Superstar Gemini. Cruisers who have already booked their cruise package with us, at MyDreamHoliday; have also given Star Cruise Gemini review for you, the future cruisers.

The Relaxed Traveller

If relaxation is on your wish list, then Superstar Gemini is where you should be. Cruisers who have taken a cruise holiday with Superstar Gemini have been all praise for the great time that they have had on board this luxury liner. Travellers have reported that cruising takes away all the tedium of a journey during a holiday. Forget about the lengthy and tiring road trips or the cramped air travel. On board Superstar Gemini means you will be having a relaxed time on the deck of the ship, enjoy a refreshing drink by the poolside and simply soak in the pleasure of the surroundings. Travellers have said that booking a cruise holiday on board Superstar Gemini ensures that you do not have any time frame to adhere to, no rush and no hurry.

The Explorer

Superstar Gemini takes you to the picturesque Malaysian destinations of Malacca, Pulao Redang, Pulao Tioman, Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur. If you are an explorer and wish to travel to the different places as a part of your holiday package, you can opt for the shore excursions that are arranged for the cruisers. Our satisfied customers have been liberal with their praise of the arrangement of these shore excursions where they have been taken to all the major places of interest.

The Shopaholic

Travelling is not just about visiting places. You also want to carry home memories of the holiday that you have enjoyed. Shopping is an integral part of travel. Our travellers who had booked a cruise package with Superstar Gemini, one of the best luxury liners of Star Cruise, have been overwhelmed by the shopping experience at Canopus Watches and Jewellery, Ports O’ Call and Tea Corner, where they have been able to shop for watches, jewellery, tea products and souvenirs. Even without leaving the ship, you can shop for great products when you book your cruise package with Star Cruise.

Kids’ Paradise

When we said that a Star Cruise package is complete relaxation and peace of mind, we really meant it. Parents have been able to put their kids in the Child Care Centre and felt the freedom of a holiday because they knew their children were safe and enjoying in their own way.

We know that you must be eager to get your holiday package booked right now. We, at MyDreamHoliday have brought for exclusive deals at the lowest prices.